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Is Your Apartment Website ADA Compliant?

Generate More Leads and Higher Returns While Fully Meeting WCAG

Swifty offers web themes that are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities and are built to be compatible with assistive technology. We have themes that are built with easy and clear navigation without sacrificing important design elements that encourage potential renters to explore your property’s website. Did we mention you can get this for a flat rate of $197 per month (no matter how many units your property has)?

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Beautiful Apartment Websites That Actually Work

Less Work. Better Websites. More Leases.

For only $197 a month, you can effortlessly launch beautifully-designed apartment websites for your properties, giving you the competitive edge you need in this current environment.

With Swifty’s pre-designed templates, we can launch and replicate high-end apartment websites for you, so you can gain much-needed time back. You can also easily switch between any of our apartment website designs without losing any content or messing up any of your settings!

Ultimately, if your apartment website is neglected, residents will think your property is too. A modern website that has the latest trends can make all the difference in online traffic and new tours. It’s time to decrease your bounce rate and increase your bottom line with Swifty.

What Are the Benefits of Swifty’s Apartment Websites?

  • Speed
  • SEO
  • Efficiency
  • Affordability
  • Maintenance
  • Customizable

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