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Comb through our FAQs, then head to our pricing page to learn how our responsive web designs can bring you leads.

How often does Swifty launch new premium themes?+

Our busy bees launch a new custom design each month — so be on the lookout!

Do you offer custom design services?+

Absolutely, we do. Good things come to those who wait, but fear not, you won’t have to wait long! Custom-designed themes take about two weeks to design and another two weeks to develop. However, with our SwiftXChange technology, we can get your site up and running on any of our premium themes within 24 hours; when your custom theme is complete, we can activate it across any number of your sites quickly.

How much does Swifty cost?+

Question of the year, and unlike competitor platforms, we’re actually giving you an upfront answer! With no hidden fees, you will only have three possible costs to get started with Swifty:

  • If you want a custom theme designed it is $5,000.
  • Each property added to the system has a $500 setup fee.
  • We have competitively priced our sites at a flat $200 monthly rate per community.
What kind of online or live support is available?+

The easier question to answer is, “What kind of support isn’t available?” because our team is ready to buzz in and help you no matter what issue you have! We offer live chat on our website and within the admin area of each of our client portals, as well as an easy-access ticketing system within your portal. In addition, we are constantly adding to our online knowledge base so you can get answers and help with the most common questions we receive.

How often is the Swifty CMS platform updated?+

Our code base is constantly updated and maintained, ensuring you get the best experience possible.

How often are new integrations added?+

We are continually making a beeline to add new integrations, however, they vary in complexity so the release dates do as well.

What kind of add-on features are available on Swifty (e.g., SEO, social media, chatbots, etc.)?+

Swifty currently offers a full suite of marketing services, including:

  • Local SEO
  • Social Media
  • Print Collateral
  • Promotional Items
Is user-tracking available on the site (e.g., Hotjar, Google Tag Manager, etc.)?+

Yes! We believe that if you want to get the honey, you can’t neglect the beehive — and tracking is an essential component! We have our own tracking system built into the site that monitors traffic and conversions for you. Plus, each community site has the ability to add in third-party tracking codes. We also offer setup services around Google Analytics and Tag Manager if you need help setting up tracking goals for the various Calls-to-Action on the web page.

How quickly can you get a Swifty theme up and running for a property?+

We’re pretty swifty when it comes to our deployment! Our pre-built custom designs are ready to go in seconds. If you want a custom theme, we can you up and running in just a month (two weeks for design plus two weeks for development).