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Increase Resident Retention With BeeVIP

Offer your residents unprecedented benefits, exclusive discounts, and innovative rewards to increase your retention and your bottom line.

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How It Works

With BeeVIP, you can effortlessly reward your residents and differentiate your property from the competition while increasing your retention and resident appreciation. BeeVIP allows you to launch a web page where you can highlight exclusive discounts and offers to your residents. You find the participating businesses in your area and we’ll provide the platform for you to promote your new resident loyalty program!

When you opt-in to our BeeVIP program, you’ll receive:

Listing Page+

A dedicated page added to your Swifty site that highlights your participating businesses in the program. This will allow your residents to view all their benefits, discounts, and rewards from one central hub.

Custom Categories+

Custom categories you can assign to each type of participant so that residents can sort offerings by category.

Ability to Use a Custom URL+

Your listing page will have the ability for you to set up your own custom URL where you can redirect residents.

Branded Loyalty Cards (Add-On)+

You can showcase your resident loyalty program by purchasing our add-on branded cards. Choose from high-end embossed metal cards or more affordable, traditional cards.

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A New Way to Incentivize Your Residents

Boost Your Engagement and Resident Loyalty

The BeeVIP program is a great way for multifamily properties and management companies to increase resident retention by working with participating businesses to offer exclusive resident deals. From entertainment, fitness, shopping, and dining, to airlines, telecommunications companies, and more. There are endless possibilities!

Plus, you can even purchase a branded loyalty card that your residents can use to scan a QR code, making the entire process that much easier for them! You can choose from high-end loyalty cards with your logo etched into the metal card or a variety of more affordable options like traditional plastic cards with your logo printed on the front.

What are you waiting for? Enhance your resident experience today!

Elevate Your Property’s Level of Resident Appreciation

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