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Thanks for asking we would love to tell you more!

We try to take the pain out of building or migrating your website. Over the last five years we have researched ways to create high conversion apartment websites and have used that research to build Swifty. Let us help you build a better website!

Whether you are migrating an existing site or building a brand new one we got you covered!

How much will it cost? Where are the hidden fees? How long does this take? Do I have to do it myself? Can I do it myself?

These are all questions we hear regularly, and we have answers! We want to take the burden off of you and your team, our website pricing is easy to understand and very straight forward,

  • $500 setup fee – This is the same for migrations and new builds
  • $199 monthly fee – This is a fixed, flat fee

That’s it! Everything you need to know, you never have any surprises or add on feature expenses or additional fees for more doors etc. It is a simple, fixed, flat fee. Most sites we can roll out in about 1 business day assuming we have the information we need to get started. While we do ask that you help gather some key elements for us we will handle the setup for you. We will even go the extra mile and help you to find some good royalty free lifestyle photos to add to your site to make it more engaging. That said we have built the administration side of Swifty to be extremely user friendly and intuitive. We also LOVE feedback, we are constantly improving the system based on customer feedback to make it even easier and more in tune with your needs.

So what happens once you register?

  • You will receive an on-boarding form that will help us to collect some key elements and information that we will need to create an incredible experience for your prospects.
  • Once we get your completed form, our team of experts will take over.
    • For Migrations – we will move your floor plans, text, photos, even the branding colors and logos over to our platform
    • For New Builds – we will pull content from other property collateral you have or we can drop in some stock content that we have pre-written

But are there additional services that you do charge for? You may ask.

The answer is yes, however these all fall outside of the website itself, These include services like:

  • Property Naming and Branding
  • Logo conversion from jpeg to an illustrator file
  • Collateral material design
  • 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Promotional items
  • Google analytics setup