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What Makes Swifty So Sweet?

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Our mission is to launch and effortlessly replicate high-end multifamily websites so you can lease up without missing a beat. Discover what makes Swifty uniquely qualified to help you build the best apartment website possible.

Meet the Team Behind Swifty

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To understand why the team behind Swifty is well qualified to help you develop powerful apartment websites, you need to know a little bit about where we came from.

Criterion.B, the creator of Swifty, is a digital multifamily marketing agency. We got our name in 2017; however, our story began nine years earlier in 2008. Known as Canonball Creative at the time, we started as a digital marketing agency serving ad agencies. Digital marketing was just beginning to take off, and the larger agencies needed help navigating the market. This provided us with invaluable experience as we were able to work on some of the world’s largest brands, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, and Pepsi, to name a few.

We specialized in building out difficult online assets in a way that would stay true to the agencies’ rigid creative guidelines. By 2014, we had already worked with a few big names in the multifamily market, such as Amli and UDR, as a result of the relationships we made through our ad agency connections. It was then that we decided to pivot into building our own direct client base and with a focus on multifamily.

Making the Move to Multifamily Marketing

Over the next few years, we invested heavily in the multifamily industry. We attended every conference we could find, joined associations, wrote for as many association publications as we could, interviewed key apartment marketing professionals on the client-side, and wrote hundreds of blogs focused on multifamily marketing.

In 2017, we made it official by changing our business name to Criterion.B. The name is significant as we wanted to honor our past as we move forward. Criterion is a basis for comparison, a reference point against which other things are evaluated. We find that Option A is not always the right answer; sometimes, if you look beyond the obvious, you will see that you were looking for Option B all along. At Criterion.B, we explore every option, reminding you that your best brand exists outside the box.

Filling a Need in the Multifamily Market

Swifty is the culmination of decades of experience in digital marketing combined with a love and dedication for the multifamily industry. We realized there was a need for an affordable product that provided more than the bare minimum.

Communities need multifamily websites that don’t just look pretty; they need to perform. We put our extensive knowledge of multifamily SEO and conversion optimization into every apartment website we build, and we take painstaking care to continually make our system simple.

Swifty is more than powerful apartment website templates; we are a team backed by experienced multifamily marketing professionals ready to remove the hassle and guesswork out of building and maintaining your multifamily websites.

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